Cubs 5 Giants 1- And so it was that the Enchanter was dealing: eight innings, no runs, seven Ks and most amazingly, only eighty eight pitches thrown. He was breezing so free and easy that when the top of the ninth began, the game was only an hour and a half long, so fast that we missed most of the game when we took a break to watch "the Pickup Artist" on DVR (err, wait. we meant "News Hour with Jim Lehrer). A half inning later, the Giants were down 5-1 as Lincecum gave up a quick three hits and the tying run before getting some gas thrown on the fire by the bullpen. There goes the five game winning streak, Lincecum's first complete game, and our dinner. In a season full of total disasters, this was one of the most disastrous. On McCovey Chronicles, they pointed out this was the first time in awhile that the Giants played their "A Team," meaning all the vets Brian Sabean overpaid to play on this team. We all know how that goes. Part of the reason why the Giants won those five games was because they let the kids go out and play. Let that be a lesson to you.

A's 6 Jays 4- Dan Haren got the win even though he wasn't quite sharp and the A's are now only one game away from the magic number of .500. We got nothing really to add to this as the Blue Jays are one of those baseball teams so out of the loop of everything that we often forget they're in the league. Can you believe that somehow, the Jays won two World Series and were at one point a mini-dynasty? And speaking of which, whatever happened to Cito Gaston?