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Close call! A truck driver careened off the San Mateo Bridge yesterday afternoon, but managed to miss both the bay and a shed full of explosive material right by the bridge. The driver missed the shed by mere feet -- it sounds kind of like an exciting ending to an action-adventure movie ( -- the hit of the summer!). They had to use two tow trucks to get the truck off the side of the bridge. Fortunately, the truck was empty or it probably would have gone straight into the shed (and then, boom.)

More Your Black Muslim Bakery news: the attorney for the handyman (with the awesomeness of the name LeRue Grim) who's been arrested for journalist Chauncey Bailey's murder is now saying that the handyman was told to take the fall for the head of the bakery, Yusuf Bey IV. Bey and the handyman were apparently put in a room together during the interrogation but for some reason, the Oakland PD didn't tape their conversation. Also, per a tip from a gentle reader (thanks, gentle reader!), check out LeRue Grim's attorney disciplinary record. Sex with a 20-year-old wife of a client? Oh my! (More stuff here too.)

And a guy who worked with Jerry Brown in law enforcement at the state Dept. of Justice has resigned after getting busted for a DUI.

Picture of the San Mateo Bridge by Beej Jorgensen, off flickr.

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