On July 5, after Savage predictably asked that students undergoing a weeklong fast for immigration reform (and, bonus, to slim down a few sizes) "fast until they starve to death," Sandoval went into action/wasted tax payers' time. But it looks like free speech reared its vile head again, according to Jew, who shot it down.

Curses again, First Amendment, you rat bastard.

Anyway, today, for some reason, "community organizations and immigrant rights groups have scheduled a vigil to take place in front of the KNEW station offices in San Francisco, urging the termination of Michael Savage’s show." So, bring your favorite pitchfork and Bic those torches, kids.

Also, is it true that Savage hangs out in North Beach, screaming at Lawrence Ferlinghetti and other formerly-famous passersby? Is there footage of this ranting available? Because we'd pay loads for such nuttiness. See, our former, cherished roommate used to listen to Savage for kicks during dinner hour, and the talk show host came across like the Bambi Lake of North Beach. He sounds like he might be one crazy-entertaining brunch guest, someone with whom we'd just love to go to Lime.

Well, maybe if he didn't wish AIDS upon us, that is.