The Chronicle reports that Yusuf Bey's son-in-law, Saleem Bey, 43, who worked at Your Black Muslim Bakery for ten years, was the main source for journalist Chauncey Bailey's unpublished stories about the bakery. It seems that he told Bailey about "illegal bankruptcy and plans to liquidate the bakery," as well as Yusuf Bey IV's numerous arrests and overall lunacy.

"I am saddened that his death is attached to me," Saleem Bey said. "I gave him the stories. I knew everything that was going on. I thought it was dangerous for me, not [Bailey]."

Saleem also goes on to say, "I have been battling to try to expose the murder and fraud, and I was hoping to do that through Chauncey Bailey...I'm sad to say he paid for it with his life."

Walter Riley, an attorney for the Okaland Post, "would not confirm that Saleem Bey was Bailey's source for the unpublished series."