Hey, remember Gavin Newsom's stalker, Han Shin? He's back in the news, appearing in court today to answer the charges that he tried to run over the roommate of a friend of his, right around the same time as Newsom got that stay-away order from him too. (We had forgotten Han Shin sent a bunch of letters to Ed Jew too! What address did Shin use, do you think?)

So here's the story. Shin shows up at his friend's house around 8:20 in the morning. His friend's not home, but his roommate (and cousin) answers the door. Shin kicks down the door and starts chasing the roommate around the house, and then grabs the roommate's gold piggy bank and a framed picture of his friend with....wait for it.... Gavin Newsom! Are all of Shin's friends obsessed with Gavin?

Anyhow, so Shin then gets in his car, and the roommate walked toward the car to get the license plate number. Shin then accelerates towards the roommate, driving over the lawn and almost hitting him. Shin does this three times, and then jumps out of the car and starts running after the cousin, who then gets in the house and shuts the door. Shin then threw a clay pot at the door, shattering it.

It sounds like Shin then left, and the cousin called the cops, who were looking for Shin anyways to serve Newsom's restraining order on him. You'll remember the cops then found Shin in a closet with a bunch of Newsom paraphernalia, and when they tried to take him in, Shin punched the cop in the face.

Man, we're just going through the Newsom archives putting this post together, and wow, March 2007 2006 was a busy month in Newsom news -- right after that was when all that Jennifer Siebel news broke too!

We found the picture on Valleywag.