The way Wired's Noah Shachtman sees things struck us as astonishingly clear and pragmatic.

"The Lawrence Livermore lab, outside of San Francisco, already has a pretty iffy security record -- barely-armed guards, affairs with Chinese agents, lost master keys, the works. So what is management doing to boost its security credentials? Just what you'd expect: Partnering with Texas A&M, the school recently slapped down by the feds for accidentally infecting its workers with bioweapons (and then covering it up). What could possibly go wrong?"

Check out link above to the Wired blog for more details.

Seems half of what's broadcast these days is in regard to "National Security" and "Homeland Security." This truly seems a case of "physician, heal thyself." Is anyone in the guvmint paying attention?

We agree with Mr. Shachtman -- perhaps it's time to run for the hills.