Braves 7 Giants 5- Man, can you believe it's the 20th Anniversary of Guns n' Roses' "Appetite for Destruction?" Twenty years. We can still remember when that album (yes, album) came out and being totally gobsmacked the first time we saw the video for "Sweet Child O' Mine" at like 2 in the morning on MTV. God, we're old. And speaking of old, the Giants celebrated the Barry's birthday by playing a long, 13 inning baseball game. You gotta hand it to the old men, despite being closer to 100 losses than 100 wins, they do still play hard. Case in point last night where they had a four run ninth inning to tie the game and send the game into extra innings. Of course, they still. We were so sure the Giants would eventually lose this game that we wrote this post a few innings before the game ended.

A's 4 Angels 3- Could this be start of the patented second half A's run? Or is this just a mere illusion of a blip on the way to the mirage? Regardless, the A's have now taken two from the division leading Halos as Lenny DiNardo did the pitching and Travis Buck did the hitting, to the tune of four hits in five at bats. Buck also had a big diving catch in the eighth with runners on to save the game. The A's are still 9 1/2 back and four games under .500.