What's a Breakaway Cook? Well, Gower defines a Breakaway Cook as one making easy home cooking including ingredients and techniques from around the globe. Miso-flavored mashed potatoes? Poached eggs with green tea-infused salt? Why not? The Chron says they taste great.

Salon.com's got passes for one lucky winner to attend the dinner reception with Gower that they're throwing for their readers at Maverick tomorrow, Tuesday July 24th, where he'll cook recipes from his book (with wine pairings for each course) and take questions from the audience about his culinary philosophy. Interested? Then go ahead and enter! We'll contact the winner around 4 p.m. today.

If you want to win so bad that you can't take the risk that you won't win passes, email Salon.com and let them know you want to go! (Admission is $35).

Event starts at 5:30, and Maverick is at 17th and Mission.