We just heard on KGO newstalk 810 that Pete Wilson, the local channel 7 news anchor and afternoon radio talk show host, died last night from complications in what was thought to be a routine surgery (hip replacement). According to what we just heard, he suffered a heart attack during the operation, was put on life support, and last night was taken off. There's a corroborating article on KGO's site, here. Another's here on ABC's site (thanks tipster).

He was 62.

We're sure you'll hear a lot more about Wilson on the local TV and radio stations over the next few days--the multiple awards, occasional controversies, and the many friends and admirers he garnered during his decades in broadcast journalism. For our part, we enjoyed his TV work, and particularly enjoyed his talk radio show, which we listened to semi-regularly for a while (when our schedule used to allow for it).

Image of Wilson from KGO's site