Now, you know, one of the things we hate about all this Barry hullabaloo is that it allows other people to grab a big brush and paint us Giants fans in an unflattering light. It's one more thing added to the very long "only in San Francisco..." list, as in "only in San Francisco do they root for Barry" and it's not meant as a favorable thing. More like only in San Francisco are the fans as lame, dumb, and in denial to root for such a notorious cheating jackass. If we were real baseball fans, we would never root for him. In this week's Sports Illustrated, the "Barry's pissing all over the Church of Baseball" issue, SI's columnist Rich Reilly even calls us Giants' fans "Kool-Aid chuggers."

We resent being called Kool-Aid chuggers. It's not true. We're Giants fans and we have been at best ambivalent about this whole thing. No Kool-Aid chugging on our part. We also resent it because the reality is that if Barry played anywhere else for the past fourteen years, they'd be rooting him on too, whether it be in Kansas City, Los Angeles, or, yes, even New York. As they say, people root for the laundry.

Oh, and we hate Kool-Aid.

So, anyways, thanks Gavin. Thanks for making us look like bigger idiots than we already look like.

Picture of City Hall lit up in Red from Steve Rhodes Flickr stream.