Wow, they work fast at BART! When we started this post, there were 30 minute delays to cross the Bay, and by the time we finished, BART updated its reports to announce that they've fixed the issue with the Transbay Tunnel and all trains are moving again.

Turns out there was a crack in one of the tracks in the Transbay Tube (we thought the trains were running a little slow this morning!), so they had to run all the trains on one track while they fixed the other one, causing up to 30 minute delays and a break in service on Richmond and Fremont-bound trains.

But it's all good now, and everything on all lines is rolling again -- you should expect residual delays of 15-30 minutes as everything gears back up, but it should all be copacetic by the evening commute.

Picture by DottieboBottie, from the SFist Flickr stream.