Speedy trial? Say it fast: OhNoEdJew!

At yesterday's hearing, residentially-challenged Supervisor Ed Jew's legal team went against conventional criminal defendant wisdom, and requested an early trial. The trial could go as early as October of this year.

Ed Jew's state criminal attorney (as opposed to his federal criminal attorney and his state civil attorney) Bill Fazio, who ran for DA and lost to Kamala Harris, says he wants a trial to exonerate Ed as soon as possible, and says that his other opponent for DA, Terence Hallinan, didn't live in San Francisco either. Hey, where does Bill Fazio live?

In other coverage, C.W. Nevius recovers from his poor performance on the US citizenship exam to give us his rambling thoughts on Ed's case (to wit: Ed seems to like politics), and the Chron confirmed what commenter Sweet Melissa predicted: most of the people at the pro-Ed Jew rally don't live in the Sunset. Also, we're sorry we missed the sign the Chron saw that said "Ed Jew Makes The Sun Rise Over The Sunset." Ed Jew is GOD!

Update: At today's hearing, the court set Ed's next court date for July 27, at which point a judge will decide whether there's enough evidence to proceed to trial. Also, the court gave back Ed's $135,000 bail money in exchange for his passport.