Next, oh.... the SF Weekly. Matt Smith finds out that Don Fisher got arrested for getting 15 year old girls drunk (when he was 19). The power of investigative journalism, folks! ....and HA! We had that Gavin Newsom uses the word "extraordinary" a lot! Also, the Weekly proposes some more codes of conduct for the Board of Supes. Where's "wipe" on that list? And Will Harper gets some troubling responses to his Craigslist iPhone personal. Cover article: does transgender identification need to be treated? (read this one! it's really good!) Saturday -- Bardot-a-Go-Go and boooo to the Independent Press Association for ruining the businesses of a bunch of local zines. Meredith braves 16th and Capp Street; we got a good chuckle out of SFist Ced's rejoinder. Cults with bands. And the Bouncer says the new Bruno's is kind of boring (who knew you used to be able to sneak in through the back door?)

After the jump: The Bay Guardian and the East Bay Express, along with the coveted Weekly of the Week selection and your running tally of the winners for fiscal year 2007.

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