Do you guys have to be at full staff for big events? And is part of your job to be tour guides?

At major events - yes. (i.e., New Years Eve, Halloween in the Castro, etc.) We try to get as many there. On the last NYE, the union balked at having people "ordered" to work / having their days-off cancelled. So, we schedule the available shifts and posted up OT slots for the events..

tour guides? A byproduct of the job and what management wants us to do -- "be nice to the tourists."

How will you handle the All-Star Game and all the increased traffic for it?

Most of us are out at 2nd / King Streets, watching the crosswalk and tracks. At this location, we may be out along 3rd and King, too. Some of us are out at Embarcadero / Powell Streets to help point the out of towners toward the right direction (AT&T Park). We have been told to not cite the out of towners...

There is not much fare enforcement going on now....

Wait -- a program for operator training only just started in the last few months???

Our involvement? Yes - we've attended training classes for about one half up to one (1) hour to educate the new operators on fare inspectors, the POP program. This came about after we asked to be a part of the training and management thought it would be a good idea (duh). Prior to this, new operators didn't know about us until they got to the subway.