The Sunday concert features pianist Jeremy Denk in a Mozart piano concerto. Jeremy keeps an on-line diary, a blog as they call it, where he deconstructs the music, shining light on how the interpreter prepares for a piece. He can spend a week discussing one Bach Allemande, writing seven posts peppered with analysis of score excerpts and references to Don Quixote, Nabokov or Roland Barthes. It's like Being John Malkovich; we are total suckers for glimpses into the mind of the artist.

The conductor for Sunday is the second-in-command behind MTT at the Symphony, associate conductor James Gaffigan. Even though he's only 27 years old, he is running the Summer series, which he describes here (click on the audio link). We did not find his blog nor his myspace page. So to know him better, we went the old fashion way: we emailed him questions.

Hop after the jump for Maestro Gaffigan's answers!