Okay, okay, okay, okay -- we hear you about Laughing Squid's scoop that Chicken John running for mayor, folks! We were totally slammed at work today, that's why we're getting this up late.

Who's Chicken John? He's a local countercultural legend! He's a Burning Man guy, the former owner of the Odeon Bar, and he hosts Ask Dr. Hal on Pirate Cat Radio. We had absolutely no idea! (Steve Jones at the Guardian knew, though.)

And now he's running for mayor! On the platform that San Francisco needs more whimsy and art. Yay fun! Chicken John'll get along great with Chris Daly! Click here and here (you must use both pages) if you want to sign Chicken John's petition to qualify to run, and then email him so he can pick them up. He needs 1000 10,000* signatures by July 26th to avoid having to pay the $5000 fee.

Also, Josh Wolf wants to run for mayor. He says he'll wear a webcam 24 hours a day to promote open government.

After the jump: excerpts from Chicken John's mayoral campaign manifesto.

*Noted per the comment in our tips line from candidate C. John himself! Sorry about the mixup (.pdf, page 9) -- you need 1000 to run for supervisor, which is why we got confused.

Picture of Chicken John by Scott Beale/Laughing Squid. More info on the event this illustrates here.