On "America's Got Talent" a local dance troupe called Hot Pink Feathers failed to impress the judges with their Carnaval-inspired gyrations. See the YouTube clip above for a sample.

Santa Cruz dancer Shauna Noland was voted into the bottom three on "So You Think You Can Dance," but "danced for her life" and was kept around for another week by the judges.

For some reason, our TiVo forgot to record "American Inventor" last week (perhaps it has more sense than we do) so we're just hoping they moved on to another city for auditions, and we didn't miss any locals.

And finally, "Pirate Master." Arrgh. Nessa admitted she's a flirt, and her fellow female crew members suspected she was using flirtation as a means a manipulation. In other news, it looks to us like the ship never actually sails anywhere, as there always seems to be an island floating off in the background. We suspect the crew just lets the boat drift from shore to shore. Just like real pirates! Nessa's crew found the treasure, chose a new captain, and Nessa was made a...something. Officer? Captain's Pal? Whatever she was, she was in no danger of being cast adrift, and will live to "sail" another week.