Are you a music Junkie?
Very much so.

What kind of music do you like?
Too hard to categorize. I’m a huge Dylan/Neil Young fan, but also am getting way into some incredible hiphop that’s just coming out from The Clipse and Jdilla. You can actually check out my entire digital music collection on my MOG page.

Why do music junkies need a devoted site?
Besides religion and sports, I can't think of anything that brings people together more powerfully than music, so it seemed like a devoted website was in order.

How is Mog different from other social networking sites?
For one thing, we’re all about music, which means that is almost all anyone is talking about on MOG. You just don’t find a lot of the self-promotional cheese that you find on other social networks. We also have some pretty powerful technology that helps you find other people with the same musical taste. Once you find the people, you can browse their music collections, receive music recommendations based on what MOG knows you’re listening to, listen to MP3s, and watch music videos. You can purchase music you discover on MOG too.

Besides Mog, what's your favorite social networking site?
I’m a high-end audio geek, so I hang out in those forums.