We're still going strong on this week's ticket giveaways for the Frameline GLBT film fest!

Today's giveaway is for tickets to a screening for you and a friend on Saturday night (not Friday!): it's the new RuPaul movie STARRBOOTY! And this screening is sold out, so if you want to guarantee yourself seats, you gotta go through us.

Starrbooty's a modern-day blaxxploitation comedy, with RuPaul reprising the role that made her famous, supermodel/crimefighter Starrbooty, forced to go deep undercover as a prostitute (read: raunchy sex scenes) to save her niece. There's porn stars, drag queens, and New York divas in the movie, and Frameline calls it "part Russ Meyer, part John Waters, and part Naked Gun."

Check out the new song RuPaul's performing in that YouTube preview clip, and then enter to win tickets! 8:30 p.m. at the Castro, Saturday the 23rd. We'll announce winners by Friday morning.