If you haven't been following along: Mike Gravel is an Eskimo or whatever who wants to spend the next couple years hooting and hollering at the country. His presidential campaign hasn't been doing so keen, so he's turned to the one medium guaranteed to have mass appeal: interpretive video art! In response, the country furrowed its brow; in part because the campaign ads make no sense, but mostly because they've never heard of this joker.

But Captain Disco, his keen senses no doubt honed during his rise through the ranks of the Disco Army, noticed a few in the ad. That crooked tree ... that windy beach ... the clammy atmosphere ... the stink of hobo ... why, that's none other than San Francisco's very own Spreckels Lake that that madman's just tossed a boulder into! The evidence, as indicated here and here and on Google street-view, is irrefutable.

So now the only question is ... who'll be the first one out to the lake to retrieve the stone, crack it open, and retrieve Mike's heart?