Quick, what was yesterday? Besides a lovely day -- it was also the deadline for Ed Jew to respond to the City Attorney with additional documentation of his residency.

Did he do it? No! Jew failed to produce any of the requested documents, and also refused to submit to an in-person interview. His attorney, Steve Gruel, says it's because any statements he gives could be used against him in the criminal proceedings. Wasn't that true before, though? Hasn't stopped Tapioca Ed from running off at the mouth to anyone who'd listen!

Meanwhile, the charges of racism at yesterday's rally seem to be falling on skeptical ears, with Rose Pak saying, "Our community leaders should not bury their head in the sand and try to blame it on somebody else. I wish these people would stop talking so everybody doesn't think we're all morons."

And -- darn it! The Chron's taken down the hilarious pictures they had of Ed Jew's Chinatown flower shop, where an employee refused to show them the shower that Ed Jew says he uses in the back. Maybe they'll run it tomorrow.

There's an intriguing conspiracy theory afoot on the SFJunto, about the drive-by shooting at Ed Jew's "house" on 28th Ave. and that pot club he rents to.

And here's our new favorite quote! From rally organizer Calvin Louie. "You cannot judge a man by the amount of water he uses. I know Ed Jew. He is a very frugal man." Yeah, $40,000 can go a really long way these days!

A picture we got from SFMike that we've unfairly cropped.