Police chase last night in the Mission: around 7 p.m., the SFPD started chasing one or two guys in a blue Cherokee at around 26th and Harrison. The Cherokee got on 101 North with the police in tow. Man, bad move, Cherokee driver! Have you seen how bad traffic is towards the Bay Bridge at that time of day? The Cherokee eventually got off the highway on Fourth Street (no word on if there was traffic at the time), hit traffic, and rear-ended a Camry. The Cherokee drivers then got out and jacked a car at Fifth and Harrison. One person was eventually caught by the cops, they're not sure what happened to the other guy.

And a Castro resident is suing the 18th Street store AutoErotica for posting a provocative picture of him that they found on the Internet from a dating service website, with a photoshopped sex toy next to him and the caption "yikes, look at that wallpaper." We're not running the picture but the wallpaper pretty bad.

Picture of Edith Delgado from NBC 11.