--No parking for your bulldozer? Just leave it on the beach. (Thanks to reader Joe, who sent this absolutely gorgeous postcard picture to us. GREETINGS FROM THE BULLDOZER!)

--Another reader, Erin, was accosted by Recall Jake McGoldrick people, did some research, and found out the consultant group doing their outreach is based out of the Mission.

--This link's for you, commenter Tin Man! (You Swells By The Numbers always kicks off Sunday mornings!)

--Google and YouTube's involvement in the 2008 elections.

--H. Brown endorses Robert Haaland. Kidding!

--People dressed up as gorillas.

--New GavinWatch video! (Budget.)

--Lawyers prevent us from giving you a full review of Bad Bugs Bunny, a collection of sexist, racist, and otherwise offensive Warner Brothers cartoons which screened as part of Another Hole in the Head -- but it was good, if disturbing.