First of all, a big sloppy THANKS! to SFist MattyMatt for yesterday evening's Oh No Ed Jew news update! We were out.

So what's the latest on Tapioca Ed for today? Well, he did make it to the Board of Supes meeting yesterday, where he said he wouldn't resign and refused to take any other questions unless they were about his trip to China. At the meeting, Jew was the only person who voted against banning parrot-feeding in city parks (look for $40,000 in bird seed in the safe), before leaving the meeting early. Hey, that commute down 101 to Burlingame gets really bad around 5 p.m.!

Meanwhile, Matier and Ross report that even though Jew told everyone three weeks ago that he had given $20,000 of the $40K of alleged Quickly-shakedown cash to a local community playground (the other half went to his consultant friend), the community group (Friends of Sunset Playground) only just got a check in the mail yesterday. Oddly enough, the check they got was only for $10,000. Is the other $10K going to attorneys' fees? [No! It was seized by the FBI! That's even worse! Thanks for the reminder, commenter Pen!]

The Friends of Sunset Playground are kind of upset about getting dragged into this whole thing, saying they hadn't even heard about this until it broke in the news. They're going to send the check back, saying they don't want any trouble with the FBI.