We saw your question in the Opera post about some commotion going down at New Montgomery and Mission this morning, and have the following information to pass along.

--They arrested a shooter in SoMa this morning. (NOT related to the Loft 11 shooting, as we'd originally posted -- sorry!). We also found some more news about this in the Tip Us! section of the left-hand bar on LiveJournal -- thanks for the tip, readers!

--Also, we've gotten word from sources that there was a shooting earlier this morning at Townsend between 3rd and 4th Street, near the Safeway parking lot.

Not sure if either of those caused the commotion to which you were referring, or even if they're related, but we figured we'd pass the news along!

Update: They related! Shooting at Townsend, brief car chase from the Embarcadero to Mission and New Montgomery, foot chase culminating in an arrest by Jessie and Annie Anna Streets. (We don't even know where Anna Street is, and it's not on Google Maps -- because it was Annie Street, that's why! Annie likes to go by her formal name sometimes. Thanks for the clarification, commenter Asa!) The shooting victim is expected to survive.

Video still from what looks like New Montgomery and Mission from CBS 5.