Afterwards, a fellow blogger irritatedly reported that he had stopped by Gavin Newsom's -same-timed rally up the street a little earlier, where Sean Elsbernd had told a snickering crowd, "I gotta leave soon, the progressives are down the street and they asked me to run for them since they can't find anyone to run against Gavin." We all groused about that, and then we were all basically like, "It's true." Maybe the progressives should get Elsbernd to run for them.

Since there's nothing to really report about the convention, we'll give you our impressions of the event itself, after the jump. Tidbits include: Frank Chu, green and blue beads representing the unity of the Green and Democratic parties, and the sex of the newest Daly-to-be! Also, some of the pictures everyone's been nice enough to send to us!

Picture of Daly inflating a balloon by SFist Jim. His pictures are sufficiently awesome that we're putting a bunch of them in another post after we finish this one.