And: Ariel Poler, the CEO of TextMarks, has caught wind of our DIY transit project. In a comment on our last post, he writes, "I LOVE how you are using our service! If you have any suggestions on how we could improve, please let us know." You can get in touch at ariel -- AT -- textmarks -- DOT -- com. Awesome, a company that observes its customers wishes and then accommodates them -- you might call such a mythical concept, oh who knows, "customer service" or something.

And and: you'll be delighted to hear that a Yay Area transit agency is now officially offering SMS support, yay! Unfortunately, that agency is the Emery-Go-Round. Wait, the ? It's a shuttle bus network down south.

Muni has no plans to follow the Go-Round's lead, because clearly there's no public desire for such a time-saver. Meanwhile, more and more riders take it upon themselves to create TextMarks of their own. Can an offline variant of this rein-seizing be far away? Headline prediction: Riders, Fed up with Ludicrous Schedules, Storm Muni Offices in Bloodless Coup.