Send your Bay Area finds to found at! We call on you to submit discarded photos, objects, letters, and other items that you plucked from the streets, used books, thrift stores, flea markets, et cetera! Tell us where/when you found the item and any other helpful info. The find must be from the Bay Area, and its previous ownership shrouded in mystery.

Special thanks to Captian Disco for sending us this link to an auction on eBay of a photo album containing photos from San Quentin circa 1932, including mug shots, suicide photos, and a track and field event. The auction ends tomorrow.

Today's two featured lists were each separately found on the sidewalk near Hayes Valley about three or four years ago. The grocery list was at Hayes and Buchanan, and we honestly couldn't tell you the exact location of the "Reason for Blockages" find.

Check out the stellar "Reasons for Blockages" after the jump!