That's right: if Mohammed won't come to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammad -- Supervisor Chris Daly's gone and started the process of putting a new proposition on the ballot for the next election, requiring Gavin Newsom appear for Question Time as a matter of law. Dang! Why not just go ahead and add something requiring Gavin to appear in a chicken suit too, while we're at it?

It's not quite on the ballot yet, though: Daly needs six supervisors to sign off on the measure, and then the voters would have to approve it by a majority at the November election, before the marshals drag Gavin in, kicking and screaming like a toddler. If Gavin even wins reelection, that is. (Ha! He's totally going to win reelection -- even though the Usual Suspects futures market is now showing Tony Hall in the lead gaining (thanks for the clarification, David! We're still new to this futures game.)

Picture by Jim Herd of the Dalys Chris and Jack from the Harvey Milk dinner the other night.