--Does architecture critic John King ever like ?

--Sad! The San Franciscan speller in the National Bee got the dreaded misspelling bell of death this afternoon in the quarter finals, on the word "ursigram."

--Giuliani's in town. Lock up your wives, cousins, and ferrets. Good thing Chron political writer Carla Marinucci loves him.

--They reconvicted medicinal pot grower Ed Rosenthal, but he doesn't get any jail time.

--BART may run more frequently, if they can get approval for it.

--Pat Murphy hates Chris Daly, in elliptical style. We quote it below:

Do it, lumpy… Take your world class lash-up of the permaently unabled to a citywide audience… Grandest of snark megaphones with a cute toddler for a prop, too!

It kind of reads like a cryptic crossword clue, doesn't it? And what does "Do it, lumpy" mean? Hey, do it, lumpy!

--Real estate is expensive and traffic is bad in Silicon Valley. Stop the presses!

Picture of the UCSF Mission Bay campus by Exuberance.com, from the SFist Flickr stream. Tag your pictures SFist too!