More Carole Migden driving news! The Sacramento Bee (which, we'll admit, we were only perusing to see if there were some more pictures of the whales) has found a woman who's still angry about the time Carole Migden totaled her car back in 1996 (Migden's first year in the State Assembly, and a year before Migden was diagnosed with leukemia). "It's really odd at my age that I just can't get over it," the woman said.

The woman, Teresa Latham, is a tax technician at the State Board of Equalization, and had just paid off her 1990 Dodge Spirit seven months earlier when Migden ran a stop sign by the State Capitol and totaled her car. Latham said that Migden didn't seem concerned at all about the situation, even though the accident caused Latham's air bags to go off. Latham got fair compensation for the car and for her medical injuries, but is still peeved that Migden didn't seem particularly sorry about the event.

Latham ran into Migden a few years later at the Board of Equalization, and Migden told her to smile because it was Friday. Latham responded, "I'd rather you not talk to me. You totaled my car." Oh, we kind of feel bad for Carole Migden now!

Picture of Carole Migden with Bill Clinton.