--The Golden Gate Bridge opened 70 years ago today! The Golden Gate Bridge RULES.

--Hilarious cartoons of vacations gone awry by Don Asmussen. (Even more in the print edition!)

--M&R admit that they got Chris Daly's outfit wrong in their item about him busting in on Newsom's meeting last week. Chris magnanimously gives them a quote in response that he's growing a beard in tribute to Baron Davis. (M&R also have some more gossip on Esther Hwang and Carole Migden, if you've been following those stories too.)

--EA had no idea the Wii would do so well.

--Fat Mike from the punk label Fat Wreck Chords and PunkVoter.com has a very nice house.

--Does Matt Gonzalez paint?

--San Quentin feels really bad about the girl that got stabbed at the bakery.

Picture by rtkim, from the SFist Flickr stream.