Aaron Peskin seems to have moved away from his original "let's see what happens and maybe it's all a big mistake" position, since he's now saying Jew has brought "dishonor" to the Board of Supes. In fact, Peskin was the one who tipped off city officials about the trip in the first place, saying that Jew was a "flight risk." Guess Jew's not going to be voting in favor of Peskin's MUNI proposals. That is, of course, if he ever returns.

A trip to China, huh? Does this have anything to do with the fact that Quickly and bubble tea come from breakaway province Taiwan???? Is it too Asian-American of us to suggest calling this whole thing Bobagate? (We're perfectly happy to stick with the name "Oh No, Ed Jew!" as well.)

Update: Ed's flight left SF around 1 a.m. this morning, and lands in Hong Kong probably in the next few hours. He's traveling with his family, a legislative aide, and his accountant. His accountant? How hard is it to count to $40,000?