The famed Hayes Street Hill that's so tough to run up when jogging is a piece of cake to go down when cycling. Unless you have no brakes, as here.

Dude has a fixed gear bike, so it's only his leg muscles stopping the rear tire from spinning. This hill is pretty steep - that's why he'd swing out his rear tire alternatively to the left and right in an impressive display of control.

All drifting, no shifting.

Our trucker hats are off to you, fixie guy. We've seen a lot of cyclists in this city, but you, you're special.

Of course, this guy couldn't really commute in such a fashion because even a slight drizzle would render his bike well nigh unstoppable.

And the Wall Street Journal does NOT approve. Surprised?

However, for those about to die (or become seriously injured), we salute you.

[O.K. picky commenters, how about Alamo Heights instead? ]