Almost two years ago, an action movie fan who at that point went by the moniker "SFist Eve" gave a rave review to a little indie-noir film called The Prodigy and subsequently managed to drink herself into a stupor with the director and the movie's star, garnering herself some friends for life.

Well, SFist Eve, who now goes by the name "San Francisco Chronicle Blogging and Interactive Editor," passes along the word that The Prodigy is finally opening in wide release and will be playing at the Roxie from May 25-31. So we're reprinting Eve's review here to get you in the mood! (And Eve, maybe not so heavy on the sauce when the guys come back to town for the premiere, okay?)

First we saw the world premiere of The Prodigy, a first effort from almost everyone involved that looked anything but. Mining the same territory as Saw and Seven (we refuse to do that dumb number thing in the middle of the word), we're halfway convinced that director and writer William Kaufman is the bastard progeny of David Fincher and Luc Besson (with maybe a little Tarantino around the edges), so strong were their imprints on the film.

The rest of Eve's review after the jump! Do you think the lead actor looks kind of like Ben Affleck too?