Yes, it's another Bay to Breakers. Pretty good weather and a good time for all. But, first of all kids, they've been lying to you all these years. Is the highest point of this race the top of Hayes Street Hill at altitutde of 215 feet? That's way off. But no biggee. It's not like an MSM fact checker could find the correct answer in under 30 seconds via Google Earth. Is it? The HSH certainly "feels" like the highest point - we'll agree with that as we're still tired from last year. [Well, if you all are asking, the answer is JFK Drive betwixt Stow Lake and Prayerbook Cross in Golden Gate Park - that is the summit. After that, it's downhill to the Pacific. Here's an elevation profile.]

Anywho, here are the results. Congratulations are in order for winners Edna Kiplagat and John Kipsang Korir. No, not that other famous Kenyan runner named John Korir. This one. The two Johns are in the same race sometimes. That must be fun.

See you next year!!!