Sherman, set the way-back machine to when the Cops Gone Wild video came out. Seems like the issue has reared it's ugly head again and another twist in the story has appeared. Dan Noyes is reporting that for some strange reason, out of all the cops who got in trouble for appearing in it, none of the Asian cops who appeared got in trouble. And by none, we mean nada, zilch, zip, As a result, say hello to a $20 million dollar lawsuit.

Twenty-four officers were suspended for appearing in the video, but several Asian officers weren't. And none of them were mere stand-ins -- they had lines. In two instances, they were in a group of people in the skit and everyone else got suspended except the Asian officers. The lawsuit, filed by eighteen of the twenty-four officers, claim racial discrimition in how the punishments were doled out, as well as a few other things. It's this lawsuit that could possibly lead towards Gavin having to answer questions about being all Pete Doherty-like.

Noyes is also reporting that the videos were brought to Police Chief Heather Fong's attention by Slacker hater Gary Delagnes, the San Francisco Police Officers Association President. And yes, that's a bit on the weird side. No word yet on why he was the one who ratted everybody out.