As the Giants and A's meet for their first series of the season and Barry Zito returns to his former stomping grounds, let's took a look at the games played on Ascension Day, the feast to celebrate Buffy's victory over Mayor Wilkins.

Giants 2 Astros 1-- Tim, Time, he's our man if he can't do it, no one can...

In a game sure to make Giants fans fall hard, the Enchanter enchanted. For the seven innings he pitched, his fastball was in the high 90s and his changeup danced as he struck out ten batters and gave up only two hits. The only run he gave up was after a walk, a stolen base and error, and a sac fly. On the other side, Roy Oswalt also threw down and had a no hitter going for 5 2/3. The only runs the Giants scored were fluky runs caused by Astros throwing errors.

The big question now is what to do about Russ Ortiz. He's all ready to take his place in the rotation but after this performance, the front office would have the fans in pitchfork mode if Timmmahh back down to the minors. It's like going back to driving your old, used Honda after test driving a Porsche.

Royals 7 A's 4- This game was so inspiring neither the Chronicle nor the Oakland Tribune didn't see fit to really run stories on the game. Which is what happens when you lose three-out-of-four to the worst team in baseball. They didn't even lose by a close margin-- they were pretty much out of it early. The A's are now 20-20 which is pretty amazing considering even the bat boys are on the DL.