I thought the head of Muni was very forthcoming when stating that things did not go so well with the launch of the T and it's ripple effects on the system. Unfortunately the director of Muni pointed out that they want to "make sure they don't make the situation worse" so they are going to take their time before making any changes. They then opened up the floor to hear comments from commuters about what they're seeing and how things are going. People seemed most upset with the safety at CalTrain and the discontinued 15 line.
Seems we are stuck with the current situation until a new solution is attempted in a month or two I suspect.

Like a hiker suddenly stumbling across a bear, the folks at Muni are frozen in their tracks for the time being; their concern is that trying to make adjustments now might make things worse, so they're going to take some time to really ponder their next move. Would've been nice if they'd done in the years leading up to the T's launch.

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