As far as we know, our mom is NOT behind this movement. But we're totally flattered that blogswarm at Calitics thinks we should run for mayor. We're even more flattered that our CrackBerry Chronicles are "dreaded" by someone other than Gavin Newsom. HIGHlarious!

Sadly, we will have to say "nay" to running for Mayor of San Francisco, but "yay" to resuming our ho-hum life of personal assistant by day, blogger by night, and shameless attention whore all day, every day. Plus, a show-down with Big G would be a War of the Hair, and he spends more money on products than we do.

Since everybody else seems to be doing it, here are our draft picks for SF Mayor: Jackson West, Luke Thomas, and G.W. Schultz at the Bay Guardian.

Special thanks to Bob at Calitics for the shout-out. If you put our name on a fanny pack, we'll be your BFF!