--Our sources report that only like four non-media people showed up for the anti-Jerry Falwell protest (picture above, and two more pictures after the jump).

--Chris Daly called Newsom campaign manager Eric Jaye an asshole. That's very mayoral of Daly.

--A bunch of assaults in San Francisco, and an SFSU student drops dead on campus. Also, a dead body found on Baker Beach.

--Keenen Ivory Wayans pitches a film studio in West Oakland.

--Ken Garcia mocks San Francisco progressives for not having a mayoral candidate.

--Wrap-ups of yesterday's wi-fi hearings.

--And Dan Noyes reports that SFPD officers are going to ask Newsom to testify under oath about his alcohol and drug use.

Picture from today's Jerry Falwell anti-protest non-protest. More pictures after the jump too.