Jazz 115 Warriors 101- Oh Noes. In what had to be considered a must-win game, the Dubs once again played a nip-and-tuck basketball game against the Jazz only to disappear in the final minutes. Was it another choke? Or was it what Barkley and a few others have been saying, that all that running and gunning wears down the team's legs? Frankly, it was amazing the Warriors were even in this game. The Jazz managed to keep the lid on the particular brand of Warriors craziness at least semi-closed and the Warriors got below average games from J-Rich (7 points) and the Beard (just 15 points and 7 assists). Next game is in Salt Lake City and this is not looking good. Not looking good at all.

A's 10 Indians 7- Let us all hail Jack Cust who came out of nowhere and has now hit six homers in seven games, including yesterday's ninth inning walk off homerun as the A's once again battled from nowhere to win the game. Who is Jack Cust? Well, Beane picked him up for, well, beans from the Padres on May 3rd (that gnashing sound is SFist Chris cursing his home team team for trading the guy) and he's 28 and has played for four organizations, including the A's way back in 2005. Anyways, back to the game-- the A's were down by two with two outs-- their favorite position-- when Chavez singled and Milton Bradley homered. Tie game. Then Dan Johnson singled, Bobby Crosby singled, and up came Cust. You know the rest.

Giants 15 Rockies 2- this being the 20th game of a twenty game swing without a break (all, it seems, played against the Rockies) and following a lifeless performance by the team on Saturday, Bochy decided to sit most of his regulars and start the kids. First thought: poor luckless Matt Cain, the starting pitcher. Second thought: considering the Giants track record in developing hitters in their farm system, a perfect game thrown against them wouldn't be that surprising. So what happened? Twenty-two hits, fifteen runs and Fred Lewis going for the cycle. Now how about that?