Okay, we'll admit it. San Francisco local politics as of late has been, shall we say, BORING. Boring boring boring boring. No shouting matches, no chicken suits, no revelations from either underage drinkers or hyphenated-named wives of best friends -- it's been slim pickings. So to hear that the simmering cauldron of rage that is the Gavin Newsom-Chris Daly rivalry is heating up!!!! YES!!!!!!

So, according to Left in SF: before Fake Question Time 5 yesterday (which seems to have been boycotted by pretty much every news organization in town), there was a rally at City Hall (.pdf) for children and families.

And how exciting! The mayor was there! Gavin Newsom, on his home turf, gives a rallying cry of a speech: why do families leave San Francisco, something's got to be done, let's build 3100 more units of affordable housing. Applause! Gavin leaves the stage so the next speaker can take the stage.

Next speaker, please! .....Uh oh! Did they say Chris...... DALY????

Chris Daly takes the mike. He thanks the organizers of the rally. And then he says, "I want you to know that Gavin Newsom is a hypocrite." AAAAAAAAAAAAH!! They look in the audience. Gavin has turned his back on the speaker. AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

After the jump: why's Newsom a hypocrite? And Newsom's return salvo, scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Yay! SF politics is fun again!

Picture of Gavin supporter from the Newsom reelection website.

how excited are we