If you’re hoping to get into the competitive side of air guitar, or just prove to your partner that your moves really are totally solid, you should check out “Air Guitar Nation”, a new documentary (though, hey, we do prefer the word ROCK-umentary) directed by Alexandra Lipsitz. Think of watching the film as being akin to viewing tapes of the opponents so you can crib their best moves, sound tracks, and style (kind of like the plot of Stomp the Yard except that all things Air Guitar rock way, way harder). In order to give SFist readers a decided edge over all other comers, Alexandra Lipsitz was kind enough to give us a connoisseur and insider scoop on the air guitar scene. In addition to air guitar tips, Lipsitz reminds us that the hippies that remain in SF are so much lamer than those of yesteryear. Excellent!

Wanna become part of ? We've got passes, good for any day Monday through Thursday of next week.

Air Guitar Nation opens May 11 at the Sundance Cinemas Kabuki in San Francisco.

What inspired "Air Guitar Nation?"
The love of Music, of acting out and becoming a rock god, Cedric Devitt and Kriston Rucker's genius, The Wall St Journal, Finland, men who stuff there pants and are not ashamed to do so on camera, Bjorn Turoque and C-diddy, Brian May, Groupies and what they will do for love, making something out of nothing etc. etc.

Have you ever rocked an air guitar or other air instrument?
I am a purist on the air guitar - I rock, I love duets and dueling banjos is one of my favorite tracks to air to at weekend aireoke.

What is the MONEY move in an AG competition?
I think throwing an air guitar up in the air is hot, but if you find a way to hang upside down and air guitar- evoke some danger somehow- like rushing the judges or falling off a stack of amps- that rocks- maybe some ripping off of clothes but most importantly you have to have good facial expressions at the ready. Bjorn Turoque is famous for the "I can’t believe how much I rock "face

What should one wear to an AG competition?
Whatever suits your persona. I have seen everything from a diaper to a full body stocking to a fuzzy suit, but Cdiddy mastered it with the Hello Kitty Breast Plate!

Who are the best AG'ers out there?
Zac "the magnet" Monro, Cdiddy, Miri "Sonyk Rok" Park, Bjorn Turoque, Oshi ( the reigning world champ) The destroyer, Stan Kreich, William Ocean, Rockness Monster, Mother Rucker, Hott Lixx Hullihan, Chi Chi Rodriquez, Power...I can go on for hours. It all comes down to a moment in time anyone can have a good day. But the champions have many more good days than us normal folk.

What's the best song to AG to?
Motorhead's Ace of Spades is one of the best- I like Shook me all night long, California Uber Alles, Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother, Bohemian Rhapsody, Song #2, Take me Out, Cannonball, Stop, Hot For Teacher, Welcome to the Jungle, a 12 minute live version of Freebird can be amazing if you get 35 sweaty tired folks together in a bar at 2am after a good night of air guitaring

Air Guitar Nation