There was that one a few years ago by David Kelly with the three nice looking young ladies, "Girls Club." Lasted for very few episodes in 2002.

Well, there's a new pilot that may have a shot. See, this time the San Francisco attorney show has an angle that's not gender based.

It could maybe have been called "The Court Whisperer," or maybe "Joe of Arcadia." This new show is called "Eli Stone," and the title character may be a profit -- sorry, prophet. He's played by Jonny Lee Miller, the former, and first, Mr. Angelina Jolie.

Really, we'd be happy with any San Francisco-based scripted show, lawyer or no lawyer.
We hope that ABC gives this a real chance--USA's "Monk" and a Disney show called "That's So Raven" are the only San Francisco-set shows we can find right now, and neither are on a primary network.

Despite our snarky headline, we believe it could be good. Producer Greg Berlanti's line on the show as a "Field of Dreams"-type drama set in a law firm where a thirty-something attorney begins having larger-than-life visions" sounds interesting. Co-writer Marc Guggenheim is a great writer (he's currently the guardian of our favorite comic book character, actually) . . . but the quality of the show may end up being beside the point.

We can't judge stuff before actually watching it, but we're sure comfortable in judging the general viewership. Even if ABC does run it and promote it, we have a feeling that shows like "Deal Or No Deal" might just be safe in the long run . . . shows that we enjoy seem to keep driving away like (fire) flies.