"We, the people of District One," the manifesto modestly announces, "demand the recall of Supervisor Jake McGoldrick." Except it's only signed by 24 people. We don't have the census in front of us, but we've got a sneaky suspicion that D1's "the people" number a bit higher than those two-dozen. You could argue that they speak for the majority of D1's population, but wait -- wasn't it the majority that put Jake put into office? Twice?

And so goes the gigantic garbage-disposal of time and money that is the vanity-recall of Supervisor Jake. He's got about a year left in office, so why would you recall him now? Because you're bored, probably; or maybe because you're crazy. There's no chance this recall is going to work -- not even the teeniest, tiniest, snowballiest-in-hell chance -- and everyone knows it. So in the end, what'll be accomplished? A lot of time, money, and effort expended for no real outcome other than the smug righteousness of those pushing it forward, proving that San Francisco conservatives are not so different from San Francisco liberals.

Hilariously, the recall's backers may actually be undoing themselves a little bit. They're opposed to rapid transit on Geary, a measure that'll bring in 25% more pedestrians; but the recall needs 3,000 signatures to move forward. There's not much chance of collecting signatures on Geary if all the people are boxed up in cars, is there?