Do you guys think it's true that Gavin Newsom refused to do anything with Conan O'Brien when Conan was in town last week because his feelings were hurt by Conan's jokes about him? If so, that is so lame! (Also, you can just scratch SFist off the Gavin Newsom party invite list right now.)

So the official story is that Mayor Newsom didn't show up for NBC's Conan celebration day last Wednesday because Newsom was "accidentally overbooked" and was doing an interview on SportsCenter about Barry Bonds instead. Oh, . Who cares what Newsom has to say about Barry Bonds. Do they call Michael Bloomberg for a comment on Wang Chien-Ming's hamstring? Was Gavin just calling up like every single TV show that tapes on Wednesday afternoons to overbook himself? "Ladies! I'll totally host The View!" (Though Elisabeth Hasselbeck does kind of seem like his type, doesn't she?)

Anyhow, so thoughtful readers were kind enough to send to us all the Gavin Newsom jokes Conan told, which are after the jump. Every day is Conan O'Brien Day at SFist!

We've been dying for a chance to use this picture from Gavin Newsom's reelection Flickr site. Feel free to Photoshop that marquee and send it back to us if you're so inclined!

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