It's been building for the past month, but fans of the historically woebegone Golden State Warriors, awoke this morning with a dazed sense of disbelief to screaming headlines announcing: THE STREAK IS OVER -- THE WARRIORS HAVE MADE THE PLAYOFFS!

It's been so long since the Dubs got an extended play on their basketball season that neither they nor the fans really know what to do with themselves now that the dream has become a reality.

Even Warriors faithful who watched the game live in Portland or on TV in the O-rena could scarcely believe it happened. But who are you going to believe? A track record of 12 years of futility or your lyin' eyes? This year, believe the lyin' eyes.

Believe it! Them Warriors really are golden and they're in the NBA playoffs for the first time since 1993-1994. Photo from

Yes, it is hard to believe, but it's twue, it's twue. Them ragged rabble from years gone by have been replaced with playoff players who can really play. And this team has earned it. From their 16-7 run over the last six weeks to last night's clutch win over the Portland Trailblazers, on the road, in the second game of a back-to-back, with all the pressure of "win or go home" resting on their inexperienced shoulders to the collective weight of historic suckitude, this Warriors team didn't back into a playoff spot, they reached out and grabbed it by the throat.

And the best part? This team is so hot right now, so full of confidence, and so blessed by the basketball gods, this season could keep on going right into the second round. That's because the Warriors' first-round opponent is the Dallas Mavericks. Sure, the Mavs are the number one seed in the Western Conference and owners of the best record in the NBA this season, but for the last two years, the Warriors have had their number, including 3-0 against them this year and 6-1 against Big D over the last two years. Believe this: the Mavs are running scared -- even if they won't admit it.