Now, here's the thing about Romanowski-- he might just be the biggest douche in football history. Among the incidents on his rap sheet: spitting on JJ Stokes, kicking a kicker in the head, breaking then Panthers QB jaw in a preseason game, throwing a football at Jets linebacker Bryan Cox, and for being fined for three illegal hits and punching Chiefs TE Tony Gonzalez. Oh, and there's the incident in which he punched fellow Raider Marcus Williams in the face during training camp, breaking Williams' eye socket and causing him to retire. He was last season getting kicked out of a Pee Wee football game for yelling at another kid who tripped up his son. Talk about the passion.

Now why is Romo getting all this praise and attention? Is it because he's a football player and football players are expected to be a bit on the nasty side, the nastier the better? Is it because he played for the Raiders and 49ers and won with both of them? Who doesn't like a winner? One could even bring up the race issue because it's far easier to be a douche when you're white than a douche when you're not. See Bonds, Barry.