Here comes the numbers: while the number of collisions are down, the number of pedestrian fatalities are up. So, in other words, drivers don't hit other cars anymore, they hit pedestrians. The number of collisions that cannot be explained, however, is up by over 50% and the police think there's a good chance those collisions are speed related. The most dangerous areas are the South of Market area, primarily because it's where a lot of people get on and off of 280, and 101 as well as the 19th Avenue. Another dangerous area is the Pac Heights, Marina area. Must be all those Yuppies in a rush to a Traina party that is the cause behind it. Actually, police think it's caused by people trying to get to the Golden Gate Bridge and Gough and Franklin streets.

The police are hoping to secure a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety to buy twenty new radar guns. They are also hoping to start up an education program to alert drivers to the danger of fast driving.